Checking my twitter as usual reading all new posts to see what’s going on. I read Jonny Craig’s tweet and it said “MacBook for $650”, I believe when it had been $800 earlier that week. I thought to myself, this is a pretty sweet deal. I decide to test my luck and send him an e-mail with an offer of $550. To my surprise Jonny has wrote back to me saying that he needed $600. Not having the money I get a little bummed and tell him I could pay him the rest later, he hesitates to write back. I write him and say $650, (which I borrowed the rest) he quickly writes back giving me his phone number.

At this point I’m stoked, I have Jonny Craig’s phone number. As a fan it’s pretty exciting to be able to text someone you idolize. We soon talk about it via text, and we decide that we can do our deal the next day. [” Yes then I mail you the computer :) you can trust me plus using money gram has receipts so we both have proof.”] Me being gullible I proceeded with his strange demands. Excited as can be, I wake up the next day with an inviting text saying “Hey brother! I’m awake now.”

Soon I found myself at Walmart talking to Jonny on the phone, asking him random questions because I was scared it wasn’t him. His answers proved that he was who he claimed he was, and he later sent me a picture, saying so I could know it was him. Well me having only $640 and the wire costing $30 plus, I felt guilty that he wasn’t going to receive what he wanted, I asked him, is that okay, he said “Yeah, she should have told you about the charge.” So he receives $600.

Later that week I ask him if he’s send it out yet, he says no. Then I see that he’s posted the laptop even after I bought it, he claims it’s his twitter messing up, that I’m not getting screwed. Then some time later, I see another post and again I ask him about it, he claims it’s sent, and to give it until Friday, that if it’s not there by then he’d give me my full refund.

Friday comes and I tell him that the laptop didn’t arrive, he says that he’s sorry and he’s on tour. Aggravated at this point I ask one last time, “So when is this gonna happen? Be real. A month? A week?”. At this point I feel he’s already tired of being bothered by me and he answers, “A week maybe? Let me find out what’s going on.. Fuck.” Which is when I realized, this guy probably has so many people he owes money to that he doesn’t know how to pay them back or something. He’s even posting another MacBook on sale, and saying that people need to stop “slandering” him on twitter. At this point I’m just hoping he doesn’t get to rip more people off, it’s not fair to the fans.



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    lol wut is going on johnny?
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    this isn’t even surprising. fucked up, though.
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    No me gusta :( This is such a turn off even though he had such an amazing voice.
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    I was actually just about to post about this. I remember that post you made & then I defended him. A few nights later, I...
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    Remember that post I made a few months back where I called Jonny Craig a douchebag? I still stand by that. No wonder he...
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    wow hes a bitch.
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    This bums me out so much because his fans love him.
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    this is what I’m talking about y’all
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    I’m sorry. Who sits there thinking “Macbooks for $500, that has to be legit!”
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    its official #FUCKJohnnyCraig
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    lol not schocked at all
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